A Vivid Description of an Accounting Internship

The internship is a method used by students to gain first-hand work experience in order to fulfill the qualification requirements of some other job. It can be paid or unpaid depending on the firm which is providing the internship. Students use it as a tool to gain work exposure for a particular industry, relating to the field of study or one’s interest, to have the upper hand among the competitors applying for the job. It also adds weight to the individual CV.

In the case of accounting internships, the target would be to give the intern the working knowledge of daily accounting tasks and activities and help them understand the duties and responsibilities they would have to handle at an organization as an accountant. The intern would be learning about shadowing accounting staff members, and he will be asked to help other employees in report preparation for concerned financial operations and learn to analyze the available data and other information.

Responsibilities of Accounting Intern

The responsibilities of the intern would include, shadowing the employees of the accounting department while they perform their required office work, helping to maintain financial records by data filling, data research, recording etc, helping in preparation of balance sheets, salary slip, other invoices and documents, learning all the trending software to keep yourself updated, helping and learning to work in a team while coordinating with the clients by compiling, analyzing and keeping track of the relevant data, handling the confidential data in a most responsible way.

The intern must have the required under graduation, and master’s degree as per the requirement should have completed the required accounting courses successfully, should have good communication skills and work ethics, and should be highly efficient and accurate with work. One should always be willing to accept the additional work to learn more to face new challenges.

The intern gets to learn about the culture of the company. They have to learn about the entry-level associates. These are necessary to make the transition from an intern to a permanent employee of the company. One should ask as many questions as possible to the other employees or the other concerned personnel, to learn more about the work they do, the duties they perform, work culture about the companies. This is going to help the intern in developing his own skills. This also demonstrates how keen one is to learn about the work and is duly noticed by the concerned authorities.

Final word

An intern should try to complete the required responsibilities as it would give a good impression to the required authorities. The authorities take notice of the amount of effort one puts in, a large amount of job is never given to the intern but whatever the opportunities provided one should try to provide a good impression. The work generally provided to an intern in the general clerical work that includes data entry, accounting, record keeping. An intern can occasionally get an audit work as it will test the knowledge and skill set as it will be required to check the work.

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