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There are very few moments in a person’s life that you would like to re-live and recall. Your wedding day is one of them. Each and every moment of this day can trigger fond memories for you.


We know you are excited about your upcoming wedding, and if you should see any flowers, colors, or styles from any form of media or publications you like please feel free to bring them with you to the consultation.


The Magic Moments Video serves beautifully as a solo instrument. Its matchless music is a wonderful alternative to the organ. Most music played on a keyboard instrument can be adapted to be performed on the harp.

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Getting married!! Congratulations for the biggest moment of your life. It’s no secret that wedding stands as the most memorable occasion for every couple.

Magic Moments Video will give you the luxury to relax and enjoy the months leading to your wedding while we attend every last detail of it . Magic Moments Video will transfer the process of planning your wedding into a fun, creative and stress-free experience. We will assist you in describing your kind of wedding story for the perfect you.!