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Picture_613Wedding Videography & Wedding Cinematography … What’s the Difference?
The line anywhere between wedding videography and wedding cinematography is getting wise blurred more and more thanks to distinct technology and cheaper cameras. However, which really is the difference halfway videography and cinematography? A direct forward definition would be videography is capturing moving pictures digitally and cinematography is capturing moving pictures on film. But which’s not the case anymore, especially in the 21st century. Feature length movies are being shot on all digital movie cameras, covering from the camera straight to the computer, with no need to develop film (or telecine as it’s called). So how can you tell the difference between videography and cinematography? There are 3 aspects to cinematography that comes away it from videography; Lighting, camera movement and color

.:: Lighting::.

Doing this is seemingly the largest sized switch to cinematography. Light is so crucial to telling a story and invoking emotion. Out-of-doors special account to lighting, pictures would be flat and boring. Lighting is also one of the most formidable outlooks to push buttons. What light you see with your eye, may not be the light the camera sees. You have to be able to “see the light”. Being aware of your landscapes and where the flash is coming from separates the cinematographer from the videographer

.:: Camera Movement::.

The right movement at the right time can help carry the story to the audience. Also no movement at the right time can speak volumes. The camera doesn’t always have to be in motion, nevertheless the camera shouldn’t always be still. This does not including zooming in or out. This is usually look down upon in cinematography. When you zoom in, it takes away the depth of the 3 dimensional world. It performs things flush. But if the cinematographer walks magnified to the principal object he is capturing, all of sudden there is depth and emotion. But take note, here are rules to cinematography, however those rules are meant to broken, only if offended correctly. A cinematographer knows when to stick to rules and when break them

.:: Color::.

Almost definitely not one of the highly noticeable elements of cinematography, but definitely not the least. Color, along with the right lighting, can really seal the scene and create the right kind of emotion the cinematographer was trying to capture. If you ever look at footage from comely out of a 35mm movie camera, everything is dull and not very sharp. The reason? It allows for added enhancement of the footage once it has been captured in the computer. Each shot’s color is exaggerated or corrected and usually the contrast is boosted. It’s the same for today’s digital cinematography. Video clips is squash stunning, but the dullness allows for the further enhancement just like the big 35mm movie cameras. Color used correctly can really make the footage “pop”.

All of these are just some of the methodologies cinematographers use to publish their films. And Infinite Outline uses these three, and many more, techniques to make your wedding day feel like it was on the big screen. We determine to discrepate ourselves from everybody else by doing a thing unique. These aren’t your everyday, average wedding videos, but they are wedding films.

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