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wedding photographer melbourne

wedding photography melbourne

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Melbourne is vital for your wedding day.
Why am I talking about wedding photography ? you may ask, considering that I am a wedding videographer
well from my experience of videographing weddings for 25 years I have worked with some strange characters.
I have seen family friends photograph weddings, I have seen some really cheap amateurs ,I have seen photographers forgetting to put film in there camera ( many times ) I have also worked with the best within the photography industry.

I have noticed lately that there are so many new photographers in the market today, most with minimum experience in photographing weddings yet may have sound knowledge on how to use there camera. However some of these “new” photographers have some serious issues when it comes to understanding what is required as a wedding photographer.
Some of the common mistakes that they do are

1/ Waste vital time during the photo shoot either too busy talking and trying too hard to become friendly with the couple or wasting too much time by a lack of organizing of photos that are required to shoot by them. And then once they realize that the time allocated to them has all but vanished they then start to feel pressured and then express that same pressure towards the bride and groom.

2/ They have no idea of where to stand during the ceremony. The experienced photographers will stand and the alter next to the videographer and share the same scene and create there own shots. But the inexperienced photographers either walk backwards with the bride and get in everyones way or walk directly behind the bride and try to steal the show, it looks so bad at times that its almost comical.

3/ Some amateur photographers don’t even dress properly, jeans and tshirt seems to be the common attire warn and its really embarassing to look at the brides reaction when she sees the photographer for the first time.

To sum up my little whinge about amateur photographers I highly recommend that you really do your shopping and ask many questions about the style of photography they have to offer.

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