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Winter and weekday specials

wedding video melbourne is offering a 10 percent discount on all weekday and winter weddings
we believe that these discounts should be applied by all wedding videographers in melbourne because
these are rare dates or what we call “HOT” Dates as these dates will be hard to get bookings for.

Most wedding video companies in Melbourne should apply these discounts rather than staying home and not working for the day.

So we are happy to apply all our clients a huge discount that they can spend the extra cash on some other services that they need for there wedding day

You may have had an experience with wedding videography or bifurcation, albeit non-professionally. Maybe you have a friend or relative who asked you to shoot their wedding. You did well, and now more friends are asking you to shoot theirs as thoroughly. You find that there’s actually a big market for you in the industry. In the photography industry where it’s already full of competition, continuing into the new and growing freelance wedding videography industry might be a good idea.

Yes, venturing into wedding videography is a smart choice for enterprising creative people. But there are several things you need to research before you put a price for your services. You call for to plunge in a collection of time for research, preparation and experience. Obviously, you need a few things to get you started.

The Right Equipment

There’s both good news and moldy news already for those who want to enter the field of wedding videography. Good news is, video equipment is now very affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s easier to buy out into the industry than it was five or decennary fours seasons ago. Bad news is, technology advances so fast that your video equipment can become obsolete fast. Thus, nowadays you will need more research to know which video equipment to back in.

First off, you have to decide whether you want your videos to be cinematic or documentary with the final output. The cinematic look means you shoot it in widescreen, 16:9 ratio, rich colors, dramatic effects, steady, professional shots. Documentary wedding videos, on the other hand, offers a grittier, more amateur-ish effect, but doesn’t require all the expensive and bulky equipment you wish to shoot cinematic wedding videos.

Nowadays, you no even longer need the bulky HD professional camera equipment to produce first class wedding videos. Here is the list of the equipment you’ll hurt for to arouse videography:.

1. Digital SLR Camera with Video Capabilities.

Most videographers, film producers and even videotape studios now employ SLR cameras with video capabilities to record footage. The best option is the Canon 5D Mark II.

You need at tiniest two or three cameras in purchase to capture all the important video footage during the wedding. Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to make a wedding video with one camera only. But this means you will only have limited footage to work with. For good example, during the dress up of the bride and groom, you can not shoot the dress up of the bride without spoiling the opportunity to shoot of the groom because all these events often take place simultaneously.

2. Appropriate Lens.

Of regimen you need the appropriate lens to be able to capture all the right shots. You will need the following:.

First, macro lens to capture determine up shots of important wedding objects and symbols like the wedding rings, shoes, bouquet, just to give a handle a few. Secondly, you need a wide angle lens to shoot wide shots like the reception venue, the cathedral, etc. Thirdly, you need mid-range lens to record the conclusive event. Place sure the lens can handle well with low light or indoor situations.

Stated above are the main purposes for these lens. As much as possible, do not use wide angle lens to shoot mid-range shots, or macro lens to shoot wide shots, and so on. However, among the best lens for videographers is the Canon 24-105 mm f/4. It can serve both wide, telephoto and mid-range purposes. You can shoot a wide scene as an establishing shot, and also zoom in to the bride and groom to capture the moment. The lens performs well in daylight situations, but also does pretty good in low light and nighttime situations with its wide aperture of 4.

3. Equipment for Stability.

Of recitation you need equipment to deliver steady and professional-looking videos. With this you need a monopod and tripod to support the camera while video recording.

Other equipment you will need is the Glidecam. Monopods and tripods are great for steady shots, but you need the Glidecam to deliver a smooth and steady performance for moving shots, such as back and forth, side to side, or up and down.

4. Audio Equipment.

Have a microphone and smart recorder to get the unavoidable audio for your wedding video. Of course, it is possible to make a wedding video without a mic and audio recorder– by simply overlapping the completed video with breeding music. The end result, however, is more of a music video than convey a story on what happened on the wedding day. Treasure that the vows, candid reviews, priest’s sermons or the best man’s toast add spice and note to the viewers.

5. Lighting.

Through nighttime situations, it helps to have decent lighting equipment. Be sure to know what equipment to use withal, as there are pros and cons when you use lighting for the occasion. Obviously having lighting provides a brighter and clearer shot, but may also blacken out the background. Another is that it can cause eye discomfort to guests and can glow up the room. Exploding without lighting can be beautiful, as it provides more candid and deliver a more natural ambiance. Just make sure to bring lighting when needed, but more often than not it’s better to rely on whatever lights is provided at the event.

The Right Footage.

Image by Bridal Cookie.

Be sure to be able to record the approximately important scenes or pases of the wedding. Here is your number to make sure you have recorded all the right video:.

Bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen dress up.
Establishing shot of the church and the reception venue.
Court arriving and the bride’s entrance.
The whole ceremony, plus reaction shots of the family and guests.
Vows and most importantly, ‘the kiss’.
Leaving the church.
Making it at the reception.
First dance, Dad’s dance with bride.
Throwing of the cake, best man’s toast, notching of the cake.
Giveaways, decor, cake, etc
. Guests saying their wishes and goodbyes.
Master Diverse Types of Shots.

Know the different kinds of camera shots.

A professional wedding video saves and protects life’s most precious and beautiful moments  as they actually happened. And what is moreover foremost to hold precious than the sights and sounds from the almost important day of your life  your wedding day! Because the event belongs through so quickly, capturing works of the activities  your ceremony and reception on video will mean your wedding will be preserved for you and your family now, and most importantly  for all the generations ahead.

How important is a professionally produced wedding video? Suppose a friend told you they secured throughout one hand a book of professional photos of the day your grandparents were married, and in their other hand a professionally produced video of that same day appearing in packed like sardines color, with stereo sound but that you could only choose one to view and keep as a family heirloom. Which would you choose? Today, gives thanks so new developments in digital technology and the advanced skills of Magic Moments Video with there professional videographers, your choices in professional wedding videography are unlimited!

Only a wedding DVD will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened. They will see you walk down the aisle, hear your voices as you exchange vows and rings, hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception … and the chance to preserve the complete story of your wedding. This wasn’t possible for many of our parents and grandparents.

Today, you have definitive one chance before be possibly set your wedding day is professionally captured  just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love and laughter are preserved for you to share afresh as a consequence reiteratively. Today professional videographers have become as natural as partition of the wedding as the photographer.

When you ache to upload your video online YouTube and Vimeo come first in to your mind. Then a question occurs. Which one is the boss? The answer trusts in on several facts.

You are tired of seeing ads? Are the exactly suitable videos found in a search? Let’s see what gives the inimitable result.

No incertitude that YouTube is the much popular host for online videos all of the above the world. It’s got 800 million visitors each month and 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute. But does that suggest Vimeo can’t bid with YouTube? Absolutely the answer is No. Each of these has unique qualities that you present to consider when uploading your next video masterpiece.


If you want your video that one may be seen by immense number of visitors, you definitely have to choose YouTube. With more than 800 million visitors each month, there is a big chance for you. And of course YouTube is owned by Google, therefore there is no risk of not finding your video in search results. Furthermore YouTube allow us unlimited uploads and to customize player backgrounds as well.

If it’s in respect to business purpose, YouTube allows ads in videos. You can even pay for promoted videos to make sure that your video is highly likely to be definitely seen.


With a mountainous number of videos being uploaded every minute, there may be plenitude of junk in YouTube. It allows any user to upload; therefore it’s extravagant of junk which may be a disturbance to the visitors. That gives minus points because most of the viewers do not like that. Advertising also draws away from the users experience on Youtube.

Another limitation is that YouTube allow users to upload only 15 minutes videos.


Vimeo has an again and again more arranged appearance and is nothing to it to use because everything is organized and easily searchable. Video quality is also higher and there is no heyday limit for uploading videos.

Vimeo suits for a more professional audience as it filters the commercial videos, gaming videos and non-user generated content. The Vimeo community is engaged with much spare supportive work and responses. And in the other hand, Vimeo allow users to upload their own thumbnail image to the video to represent the video and pro-users have opportunity to embed their logo or image directly on the player. It might possibly be a good chance for branding.


Vimeo’s popularity kept the ball rolling to grow just about every single day, with around 60 million unique visitors in each month, but that’s not enough for challenge YouTube that’s in the interest of sure. It might be a satisfactory point to go with YouTube. Another disadvantage is Vimeo does not allow free users to upload besides than one HD video per weekend and also does not offer fast upload speeds.

So, what do you think? You just acquire to relax and think an embryonic instant on that one is the greatest for my necessity and goals.

I have read a ream of articles on microphones. Many, if not just most, switch off up appearing like promotional brochures. More about reviewing and recommending brands, that instructing the reader. I have used a myriad of microphones over the years. I’ve also sold them for two retailers. For those shooting video, using an external mic is probably the biggest improvement you can make. Virtually all camcorders and DSLRs, have poor state microphones. Worse yet, most are built into the body of the unit, hand-picking up both handling noises, and mechanical noises the device makes. There are a wide array of microphone designs available today. For the purposes of recording audio for video, we can narrow it downhill to about three general classifications of microphones. Your camera must of course offer the correct connection for the microphone you choose. If it does not, there are devices to address this, but we won’t get into that here.
Hand Held Microphones

Handheld Microphone

On most any interview on TV, you will see a reporter holding a microphone lapsed to the interview subject. Hand held mics are ideal for this application. You can use the rather same mic used by performers, but most TV news production units use something a little different. Performance microphones are usually somewhat directional, and are repaired to as “cardiod” mics, good to their heart shaped pickup pattern. For video, an omni directional mic is usually a better choice. You can tag up both sides of the interview, without constantly moving the mic back furthermore forth.
Lavaliere Microphones

wireless mic

Lavaliere mics, often recommended to as “lapel” mics are very common in broadcasting. Virtually every rumble show, and news program use these. “Lav” mics are available in both wired and wireless versions. The latter has obvious advantages. If you’re on a budget, go thanks to a good wired lav. Don’t be swayed by cheap wireless rigs. They are just not worth it. A good wireless setup will easily cost you several hundred dollars, or more. Another alternative is to simply rent a wireless system. Most larger cities have rental houses that will provide these at a low rental fee.
Shotgun Mics

shotgun mic

A shotgun mic is designed to pick up sound in a very narrow pattern. They reject sound from the sides, allowing a bit more “focus” on the sound in breast of the mic. In wedding videography, these are used extensively. The majority often mounted on the end of a boom pole. The boom may be held by an operator, or on a tripod mounted boom. There are a number of shotgun mics designed for mounting directly on a video recording camera. This style is often used by news camera operators. The biggest mistake most newcomers make, and it is a big one, is thinking that buying a good shotgun is the complete solution for all sound capture. It is not. The common misconception is that they work only like a camera telephoto lens, allowing the same harvest from far away, as if you were up close with a conventional mic. They do not.

XLR microphone connectorMost consumer camcorders have no external mic input at whole schmear. A majority of those that do use a miniature plug that is the same size used by common earphones. Professional cameras and sound recording equipment use a connector known as XLR. Much larger than miniature connectors, and is no only more secure, but also requires special electronics to support it. Virtually all of the above quality microphones use this type of connection. Fortunately, you can purchase an XLR adaptor. This is essentially a small box that mounts to the bottom of your camera.
The Bottom Line

The simple fact is, that an expensive microphone at a reach, will not come close to matching a cheap one placed secluded to the subject. Yes, that $2000 shotgun you’ve seen online, placed across the room, will not hold a dip to a $39 mic placed hush-hush to the source. The web is brimming with video that is at disadvantage from this common mistake. Anything more than about six feet away or more, and no situation how fancy the shotgun, it will never match a cheap vocal or lav up close. Again, our “cheap” mics in this example are wired. Always avoid cheap wireless stuff.

We know money’s not the primary factor you wish to place confidence in after you become engaged. thus let’s take a number of moments to delight in the limelight and savour the romance.

Right, currently that is done, it is time to say cash, and it is important to try to to it right from the beginning – before you fall smitten therewith Alex Perry wedding dress or whirlybird honeymoon transfer. Before you charter a non-public yacht for many hundred of your nearest and love, and before you tell all and varied they are invited to your huge day.

If it’s simply the 2 of you footing the bill for the massive event then it’s comparatively straightforward to take a seat down and confirm what funds you will have offered to acquire your ceremony, outfits, cars, flowers, music, cake, reception, bomboniere, honeymoon – gosh, it already appearance pricey.

Do you have got sufficient  savings? can you have a extended engagement to permit you longer to stash the cash? area unit you willing to require out a loan – and can it’s approved?

If you are lucky enough to own either or each sets of fogeys tributary to the value, the spherical table discussion can be alittle additional sophisticated. positive it should mean there’s additional cash to splash, however there area unit currently additionally additional interested parties World Health Organization – justly or wrong – feel entitled to own a say in wherever their cash is spent.

You may ideate designer shoes and a destination wedding, they’ll be thinking they will invite their bridge club and every one the neighbours’ youngsters.

It’s important to speak, and to listen!

Research suggests the common Australian wedding prices between $30,000 and $40,000 however in fact several go manner on the far side that, and plenty of superb weddings are organized for considerably less. After all, after you strip away the fanfare and every one the trimmings your wedding is solely a celebration of your love and commitment, witnessed by family and friends the sole legal demand area unit the vows at the ceremony, the remainder is up to you.

Early on in your wedding coming up with, it’s essential to select the few things that neither of you wish to compromise on in order that you’ll determine alternative areas wherever you are willing to save lots of cash.

Whether it is the range of guests, the venue, the amusement the dress or the decorations. only a few couples will afford to own their 1st alternative of everything, thus be ready to grade, and to budget consequently. Your reception and your honeymoon area unit maybe the 2 expenses with the best potential to grow thus opt for them rigorously.

To help together with your analysis, the amount crunchers at have place along a basic price breakdown in keeping with Associate in Nursing overall wedding budget, however bear in mind, variation is enormous! you’ll continuously pay far more (particularly on the reception and honeymoon relying wherever you choose to own them), and you’ll typically eliminate bound classes altogether or economize by searching around or maybe creating some things, like decorations, the cake or invites yourself.

Chances square measure, if you want to hire a wedding videographer, you’re nearing the tip of your seller search. I say that as a result of for several couples wedding video is lower priority once it involves their budget and the way they’ll ultimately pay their cash. i believe that’s dynamical and can still amendment as video becomes an even bigger a part of our lives and therefore the manner we tend to share on-line.
Book Early

Wedding Videography isn’t any totally different than the photography. If you’re longing for real talent, particularly on a budget, you must attempt to book as before long as potential. There square measure busy seasons, thus if your wedding is in June, July, or August, you must most likely be additional involved than if your wedding is in January. Don’t procrastinate.
Photographer Tip

It might be an honest plan to speak to your artist or planner regarding hiring a videographer. Your artist or wedding planner could also be ready to recommend a seller who they need worked with within the past who is non obtrusive and produces quality work.
Read Reviews

Most good wedding videographers have reviews of their work, or link to their wedding video Facebook page. confirm out. See however they move with their shoppers. you’ll be able to tell lots regarding however a corporation operates from searching through their Facebook feed and it doesn’t take lots of your time.
The main issue to recollect is that you simply ought to set your budget before you begin looking.

Short Video Clips Wedding Video TipsYou don’t ought to keep on with it penny for penny, however you shouldn’t pay double what you planned. take care to check solely videographers WHO square measure in your budget and giving all the items you would like. I don’t suppose it’s silly to try and do a pro’s and con’s list if it helps you opt however best to pay your cash. Don’t get sucked into disbursal over you would like to or sacrificing hours or footage you originally needed to possess. simply certify if you would like getting-ready footage, ceremony footage, and reception footage that you simply aren’t fastened into variety of hours that’s too limiting. Personally, we tend to don’t do our weddings per hour. we tend to simply film all day. Honestly, it’s silly to form a shopper decide what they need to miss. Our angle is that we tend to aren’t getting to get anything done that day anyway, why not simply create things simple on our bride/groom and film everything.

So, if {you square measure|you’re} longing for a wedding videographer and are lost, then Google is de facto a good place to start out. Vendors can’t pay to be at the highest of a Google search. The pays to be within the ads, however it takes time, experience, and experience to induce to the highest spots of an organic search. exploitation sites just like the knot to seek out your vendors offers a straightforward expertise and that i won’t discourage you from going that route. i believe everybody ought to recognize that those vendors pay to be there and solely vendors willing to convey the knot many greenbacks a year square measure offered on the location. which means that a number of your little mom+pop operations most likely aren’t getting to be listed on those sites.

If you’re on the fence regarding hiring a marriage videographer i actually suppose you’ll regret it if you don’t. perhaps not tomorrow or next week, however at some purpose. photos merely willnot capture the recollections and audio the manner video can. Here square measure 10 real reasons to rent a marriage videographer. And, once you’ve got found some videography corporations that fit your wants, here square measure eight queries you’ve got to raise them.

Wedding videography will trace its roots back to before the appearance of the trendy video camera through 8mm and 16mm films. once film was the sole thanks to capture moving footage, some enterprising people would take the family 8mm camera and film the weddings of friends and family. These film cameras had a serious limitation within the style of 4-minute load times. once exposing four minutes of film the operator would got to load a brand new film cartridge. The high price of process and also the truth the bulk of them couldn’t record sound to the film any restricted the trade. however there have been some people UN agency had turned the documentation of weddings into a business.

1980 saw the introduction of the primary client camcorders by Sony, with different makers before long following suit. With the introduction of those initial camcorders, wedding video documentation evolved from one thing just for the made into one thing for the plenty. Early adopters were primarily hobbyists UN agency initially started recording the weddings of friends and family, then went on to try and do jobs for pay.

The early days of skilled wedding videography were primitive, with the instrumentation typically reproducing low image quality. Cameras needed bright lights, had fuzzy footage, poor color saturation and monaural, poor quality audio. The cameras were large, with a separate unit that connected to the video recorder via a cable, severely limiting the videographer’s movement. In post-production several wedding videos weren’t altered. Generation loss was additionally a limiting issue due to the character of analog video tape.

From its earliest days and thru the Eighties, Wedding Videography developed a negative name of officious with the festivities it had been meant to document. the intense lights needed to supply a high quality image were damaging to the atmosphere several brides and grooms needed to make. because the market enlarged, it had been flooded by several people UN agency had very little expertise and technical data, that left a negative impression on the purchasers. client technology accessible to the marriage videographer additionally couldn’t equal broadcast quality of the time.

In the late Eighties and early Nineties, the state of the trade began to shift for the higher. Videographers began to urge organized behind regional and national organizations, the biggest and still active organization being Wedding and Event Videographers Association International (WEVA). makers created a market between the skilled video camera and video camera client levels that became referred to as prosumer that met the wants of this niche market.

Towards the middle Nineties, the makers introduced successive evolution of cameras with digital cameras that removed the last of the technological barriers that had obstructed wedding videography since its beginning. The cameras were little, mobile, worked even higher than the already smart Associate in Nursingalog cameras on the market in low lightweight things and allowed the videographer to be discreet and not an intrusion on the events. These prosumer digital cameras were even adopted by several business producers due to their size and also the quality of their pictures.

Post-production creativeness took a serious success with the introduction of advanced tools just like the Newtek Video Toaster within the early Nineties. This semiconductor diode to the introduction of different comparatively cheap non-linear written material systems (NLE) that offered the editor more inventive choices. however the delivery technique still relied on Associate in Nursing analog viewing system, VHS video tape. This modified within the late Nineties with introduction of the recordable videodisk. Weddings and events were currently recorded digitally, altered digitally and delivered digitally, greatly rising the image quality.

By the late Nineties Wedding Videography had enlarged on the far side documentation of weddings. the bulk of wedding videographers most popular to feature the extra term of “event” to their description of service. New offerings like Love Stories, ikon Montages (a retrospective assortment of images set to music), music videos, family biographies appeared. Anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs graduations and plenty of different one-time events were additionally being documented in giant numbers on video. the final ability level of the industries members improved and post-production capabilities mirrored the standards of economic productions. because the trade grew the patron began to possess choices, each within the length and also the level of creativeness, for the way their event was represented.
Present day

Ironically the antecedent of video, 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and even 35mm film stock is enjoying a revival among the marriage Videography trade with some studios providing a mix of the video formats with the film formats et al providing film stock solely production. Another major shift in however wedding and event video is made and delivered is going on with the introduction of High-definition video Technology and Blu-ray discs. Production instrumentation once restricted to the business studios began to look within the wedding video industry; Steadicam units, sliders, 3D, Live Webcast, jibs and different camera movement systems. Post-production written material tools improved with the introduction of additional capable computers and computer code.
Typical designs

Common designs vary from “journalistic” to “cinematic”.

Video print media vogue
generally delineated  as a documentary of the event. Segments area unit altered as they occur to preserve continuity. This variety of written material can manufacture a refined documentation of the day because it unfolds. can also be said as Documentary vogue

the term is outlined as creating a motion-picture show or film. among the marriage videography trade it’s taken on the subsequent meaning: it’s captured and altered for the dramatic result and mood. it’s sometimes bestowed with a selected vogue and “wow” result that will not be gift in an exceedingly “mere documentary” of the event.

a video that depends on sound bites recorded pre, throughout or in post, sometimes from the bride and groom. These sound bites area unit then superimposed to the audio track for dramatic result and to push the story of the day forward.

Short kind Wedding
a video of the day that has been altered to suit among a time-frame that’s no but quarter-hour and now not than fifty minutes. Some videographers contemplate something below hour to be short kind.

a catch-all term for designs that don’t match with higher than. ancient tends to appear additional sort of a family-shot video; it will be altered, however sometimes gently. Everything is altered in an exceedingly linear progression and typically in its entireness. These videos tend to be a pair of to three hours, and even longer, in length.

Wedding videographers don’t seem to be restricted to victimisation only 1 of those styles; totally different amounts of designs will be found in each video.
Types of Video

Wedding video has mature in recent years to embrace myriad video production offerings. Some area unit made to be shown at the marriage or area unit delivered once the marriage.

Engagement Video: A video documenting the groom asking the bride to marry. very often recorded while not the bride’s data.

Invitation videodisk: Some invite printers can embrace a DVD in an exceedingly squeeze the written invite. The videodisk shows the couple and/or the oldsters on camera tantalizing viewers to the marriage and reception.

Photo Montage: (also referred to as video scrapbooks) includes however not restricted to still footage displayed on a video. can even embrace sound bites and video footage, however is preponderantly still photos.

Love Story: historically Associate in Nursing interview of the bride and groom concerning however they met, what {they area unit|they’re} like along and what their plans for the long run are. very often the interview is inter-cut with romantic footage of the couple frolicking along or re-enactments of what they’re talking concerning.

Concept Video: generally a brief film that comes with to inform a story concerning the bride or groom or each. very often not associated with the couple’s world.

Same Day Edit: (Also referred to as a marriage day edit) a brief video made from the footage of the marriage shot earlier within the day, sometimes solely incorporating footage from pre-ceremony, ceremony and post ceremony, that’s then showed at the reception as a recap of the marriage.

Bridal Elegance: A video shot within the variety of a fashion shoot that depicts the bride in her gown. will be done before, throughout or once the marriage.

Highlights: A chapter on the ultimate videodisk that shows highlights of the ceremony and reception. sometimes running below ten minutes, highlights videos is also uploaded to YouTube and different social networking websites. The shorter highlights chapter is widespread to point out friends, whereas family would possibly watch the full-length wedding videodisk.

Trash The Dress: A cult that smitten the video and photography markets from 2005 to 2008. the thought was to make art by soaking, staining, soilure or outright destroying the marriage robe. The shoot typically occurred once the marriage day.

During the wedding preparing stage, I’ve found that people sometimes don’t fancy about hiring a wedding videographer. Some think concerning getting a friend or connected to film for them on the day. Some couples embrace to have a photographer instead, thinking that they can’t have both. Well, you can– and you should! Of method, I would say that but here’s why I believe that having a professional wedding videographer is a great idea.

Relive your wedding day– A wedding video really captures the atmosphere of the day, allowing you to be taken back and relive your treasured memories. It also means you can see things you might have missed amidst the excitement. On the day, you couldn’t be in two places at once– now you can!

Have audio from the day– One going from the best things about a wedding video is not only being able to see your memories, but hear them too. From your own voices saying your vows to the all-important speeches, a wedding videographer can capture clear audio you’ll be able to listen to again and also again.

Treasure it for generations– Having your day recorded on film means you’ll have a modern and durable way to preserve the memory. Your children and grandchildren will be able to watch the video for periods to grow, as will all of your family. Why choose a wedding video

See what the guests saw– You can finally take a notch back and see the wedding you worked so hard to plan. See how different parts of the day all chanced together and how much your guests enjoyed themselves.

No responsibility riveted on friends or family– Your guests are there to celebrate with you and enjoy the day. If they’re given the responsibility of filming, not only will they enjoy it less, you could also switch off up with a very poor quality video! Hiring a professional wedding videographer ensures that you have excellent video and audio quality, as well as happy guests.

Most importantly, have it done your way– Having a professional film your wedding doesn’t mean it’s out of your control. Whether you want to use particular music or focus on a certain aspect, I will work closely with your vision and produce the video you want.

The day you get married is one you’ll remember forever. But unlike memories, videos won’t fade. Wedding cinematography is a wonderful inclusion to your day, and a wonderful way to preserve the memories.

One event that we have changed a handful of occasions over the years is how we present our final product to our clients. Before they ever put the disc into the DVD player or Blu-Ray player; how your packaging looks already says something about the services you are offering. It is exigent to make a good first view. Obviously the quality of the content is of the greatest importance, but great looking discs can’t hurt.

Cut to 2012, today, and Magic Moments Video Productions is again switching methods. While lightscribe had some nice features, it was always a little flat being only able to print in gray and white. Moreover, as we have made the switch from DVD to Blu-Ray we realized that lightscsribe Blu-Ray discs are really hard to wake down. The next evolution for us was to move back to the printer. But not printing stickers. Now blank Blu-Ray media may be printed to directly; that is assuming you have a printer efficient of printing direct to disc. Canon makes a plenty of printers ready of printing directly do disc. I don’t doubt that other manufactures do as famously, but we plowed back into in a Epson line printer for less than two hundred dollars and we now have the ability to print beautiful CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-Ray Discs. For things it’s cost, we went upon the Pixma MG5320 and I would be completely comfortable giving it 5 out from 5 stars. It’s a wonderful machine. Granted, if you offer to print a huge quantity of discs, then this may not be the solution for you as ink can be expensive and printing high-quality images can take time. But if you are feel like me, you probably don’t want to spend 1500 dollars on a dedicated disc labeling device. Over the years, the disc itself could be labeled in a myriad of ways. Seven or eight years ago many people were printing labels that were essentially stickers covered to the face

Blu Ray Wedding Videos

of the disc. This system was not good because it was hard to access the sticker perfectly centered. Worse still was the fact that many DVD players did not like the label and had problems with the extra weight or the uneven distribution of an off-center sticker causing the disc to skip. ‘t good. Then along came Light-scribe most professional videographers moved in this direction because it was a cost good way to handsomely label a CD or DVD.

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