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Asian wedding Videography
We specialise in may different cultural weddings however i must admit one of my favourite cultures would have to be the asian culture.
i love the traditions starting from early in the morning with there tea ceremonies, and depending on which part of asia they come from i love watching when the groom arrives at the brides house and the door wont open for him unless he does what the guests at the brides house house tell him what to do , for example sing a song or read a poem etc.
Also the hospitality that i receive at asian weddings is very unique , they wont take no for an answer when it comes to food , you have to eat something, admitingly i cant say no.
The photo shoot is also very unique with asian wedings they tend to like a fairytale style wedding video mixed with a natural look aswell as a romantic look (but not too much kissing) lots of slow motion aswell as creative camera work, they are very particular with high quality wedding video so i know when i finish my editing they will appreciate the work that i have put in and give to them.

I also have noticed that they have changed there ways at the reception centre over the years , i remember over 20 years ago there was hardly any dancing and they were very shy infront of the camera however now they love dancing and especially lately they love the camera hence my job is easiar as i enjoy taping them aswell.
I can never get enough of taping asian weddings even with the long hours i put in ,usually a minimum of 16 hours .

Picture_613Wedding Videography & Wedding Cinematography … What’s the Difference?
The line anywhere between wedding videography and wedding cinematography is getting wise blurred more and more thanks to distinct technology and cheaper cameras. However, which really is the difference halfway videography and cinematography? A direct forward definition would be videography is capturing moving pictures digitally and cinematography is capturing moving pictures on film. But which’s not the case anymore, especially in the 21st century. Feature length movies are being shot on all digital movie cameras, covering from the camera straight to the computer, with no need to develop film (or telecine as it’s called). So how can you tell the difference between videography and cinematography? There are 3 aspects to cinematography that comes away it from videography; Lighting, camera movement and color

.:: Lighting::.

Doing this is seemingly the largest sized switch to cinematography. Light is so crucial to telling a story and invoking emotion. Out-of-doors special account to lighting, pictures would be flat and boring. Lighting is also one of the most formidable outlooks to push buttons. What light you see with your eye, may not be the light the camera sees. You have to be able to “see the light”. Being aware of your landscapes and where the flash is coming from separates the cinematographer from the videographer

.:: Camera Movement::.

The right movement at the right time can help carry the story to the audience. Also no movement at the right time can speak volumes. The camera doesn’t always have to be in motion, nevertheless the camera shouldn’t always be still. This does not including zooming in or out. This is usually look down upon in cinematography. When you zoom in, it takes away the depth of the 3 dimensional world. It performs things flush. But if the cinematographer walks magnified to the principal object he is capturing, all of sudden there is depth and emotion. But take note, here are rules to cinematography, however those rules are meant to broken, only if offended correctly. A cinematographer knows when to stick to rules and when break them

.:: Color::.

Almost definitely not one of the highly noticeable elements of cinematography, but definitely not the least. Color, along with the right lighting, can really seal the scene and create the right kind of emotion the cinematographer was trying to capture. If you ever look at footage from comely out of a 35mm movie camera, everything is dull and not very sharp. The reason? It allows for added enhancement of the footage once it has been captured in the computer. Each shot’s color is exaggerated or corrected and usually the contrast is boosted. It’s the same for today’s digital cinematography. Video clips is squash stunning, but the dullness allows for the further enhancement just like the big 35mm movie cameras. Color used correctly can really make the footage “pop”.

All of these are just some of the methodologies cinematographers use to publish their films. And Infinite Outline uses these three, and many more, techniques to make your wedding day feel like it was on the big screen. We determine to discrepate ourselves from everybody else by doing a thing unique. These aren’t your everyday, average wedding videos, but they are wedding films.

You may have had an experience with wedding videography or bifurcation, albeit non-professionally. Maybe you have a friend or relative who asked you to shoot their wedding. You did well, and now more friends are asking you to shoot theirs as thoroughly. You find that there’s actually a big market for you in the industry. In the photography industry where it’s already full of competition, continuing into the new and growing freelance wedding videography industry might be a good idea.

Yes, venturing into wedding videography is a smart choice for enterprising creative people. But there are several things you need to research before you put a price for your services. You call for to plunge in a collection of time for research, preparation and experience. Obviously, you need a few things to get you started.

The Right Equipment

There’s both good news and moldy news already for those who want to enter the field of wedding videography. Good news is, video equipment is now very affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s easier to buy out into the industry than it was five or decennary fours seasons ago. Bad news is, technology advances so fast that your video equipment can become obsolete fast. Thus, nowadays you will need more research to know which video equipment to back in.

First off, you have to decide whether you want your videos to be cinematic or documentary with the final output. The cinematic look means you shoot it in widescreen, 16:9 ratio, rich colors, dramatic effects, steady, professional shots. Documentary wedding videos, on the other hand, offers a grittier, more amateur-ish effect, but doesn’t require all the expensive and bulky equipment you wish to shoot cinematic wedding videos.

Nowadays, you no even longer need the bulky HD professional camera equipment to produce first class wedding videos. Here is the list of the equipment you’ll hurt for to arouse videography:.

1. Digital SLR Camera with Video Capabilities.

Most videographers, film producers and even videotape studios now employ SLR cameras with video capabilities to record footage. The best option is the Canon 5D Mark II.

You need at tiniest two or three cameras in purchase to capture all the important video footage during the wedding. Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to make a wedding video with one camera only. But this means you will only have limited footage to work with. For good example, during the dress up of the bride and groom, you can not shoot the dress up of the bride without spoiling the opportunity to shoot of the groom because all these events often take place simultaneously.

2. Appropriate Lens.

Of regimen you need the appropriate lens to be able to capture all the right shots. You will need the following:.

First, macro lens to capture determine up shots of important wedding objects and symbols like the wedding rings, shoes, bouquet, just to give a handle a few. Secondly, you need a wide angle lens to shoot wide shots like the reception venue, the cathedral, etc. Thirdly, you need mid-range lens to record the conclusive event. Place sure the lens can handle well with low light or indoor situations.

Stated above are the main purposes for these lens. As much as possible, do not use wide angle lens to shoot mid-range shots, or macro lens to shoot wide shots, and so on. However, among the best lens for videographers is the Canon 24-105 mm f/4. It can serve both wide, telephoto and mid-range purposes. You can shoot a wide scene as an establishing shot, and also zoom in to the bride and groom to capture the moment. The lens performs well in daylight situations, but also does pretty good in low light and nighttime situations with its wide aperture of 4.

3. Equipment for Stability.

Of recitation you need equipment to deliver steady and professional-looking videos. With this you need a monopod and tripod to support the camera while video recording.

Other equipment you will need is the Glidecam. Monopods and tripods are great for steady shots, but you need the Glidecam to deliver a smooth and steady performance for moving shots, such as back and forth, side to side, or up and down.

4. Audio Equipment.

Have a microphone and smart recorder to get the unavoidable audio for your wedding video. Of course, it is possible to make a wedding video without a mic and audio recorder– by simply overlapping the completed video with breeding music. The end result, however, is more of a music video than convey a story on what happened on the wedding day. Treasure that the vows, candid reviews, priest’s sermons or the best man’s toast add spice and note to the viewers.

5. Lighting.

Through nighttime situations, it helps to have decent lighting equipment. Be sure to know what equipment to use withal, as there are pros and cons when you use lighting for the occasion. Obviously having lighting provides a brighter and clearer shot, but may also blacken out the background. Another is that it can cause eye discomfort to guests and can glow up the room. Exploding without lighting can be beautiful, as it provides more candid and deliver a more natural ambiance. Just make sure to bring lighting when needed, but more often than not it’s better to rely on whatever lights is provided at the event.

The Right Footage.

Image by Bridal Cookie.

Be sure to be able to record the approximately important scenes or pases of the wedding. Here is your number to make sure you have recorded all the right video:.

Bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen dress up.
Establishing shot of the church and the reception venue.
Court arriving and the bride’s entrance.
The whole ceremony, plus reaction shots of the family and guests.
Vows and most importantly, ‘the kiss’.
Leaving the church.
Making it at the reception.
First dance, Dad’s dance with bride.
Throwing of the cake, best man’s toast, notching of the cake.
Giveaways, decor, cake, etc
. Guests saying their wishes and goodbyes.
Master Diverse Types of Shots.

Know the different kinds of camera shots.

Choosing The Right Videographer

Following some of these tips will save you from the potential headaches and frustration joined with selecting an unsubstantial than qualified videographer:.

-Do Your Research-When seeking out services for your wedding, it is always prudent to do your homework. In your frisking for the ideal videographer, doing some research on the internet by visiting forums and blogs or describing to people that have used a particular videographer will get you on the right track. Once you have found a few that have peaked your interest, be sure to measure up to through them in citizen. Speaker to the individual who will be shooting your video. Be sure to have your list of questions with you. Be fixed to research their education, qualifications and experience.

-Book Early-It is a good idea to book a videographer early on in your wedding planning process. It is never a good idea to wait until the concluding minute because they may not be available for your date. Also, some videographers do some pre-wedding footage so you will get hands on to allow time.

-Request Samples-You should request some samples of their work to review. If they have a Website, you should be able to see samples there. It is best to review as many videos archived as possible to get a surface for their picture quality of work, composition and transitions. Also, inquire as to whether they use professional quality wireless microphones for sound because audio is of great importance as well. If they use board microphones the quality will be incomplete.

-Customizing-Do they offer customizable services for your convenience? Good production companies that are on top of the nigh current trends tend to offer their clients some of the latest services. Some companies that do not keep up with the latest trends will offer the same outdated services to everyone. If you are looking for a specific mood, style or special effects, be sure to provide samples with you in order to express what you want. Also, ask to see the different types of special effects they offer.

-Style-What kind of video style do they have? Today, the client’s needs have shifted with regards to videography. In booking to meet these needs video companies are including Save the Date options, Vignettes, and Couple Stories. Ask about what else can be brought in your video such as highlights, credits, or photomontages. Another popular trend is Cinematic Weddings where they create an overall mood that supersedes basic footage.

-Personality-A prospective videographer’s personality and overall appearance should be taken into consideration. Also, it is a good idea to ask the videographer to dress appropriately for the occasion. You don’t want him/her to come in jeans or shirts to a formal affair. Another thing to consider is meeting anyone else working with them that day, in citizen as well. You need to be able to work well with everyone involved.

-Ensure that Videographer Can Work Well with a Photographer-It is a very good idea to have your videographer meet with your photographer. These two integral wedding day services providers will need to work well together. It is always better if they can work together in the spirit of co-operation and not create unwanted issues by attaining in each other’s way.

-Etiquette-Most experienced videographers possess proper etiquette and know how to get the job done well while remaining under the radar and not being seen. Ensure that your prospective videographer is unobtrusive. You should ask if they have had experience at your ceremony and reception venues before. It might be a good idea to ask them in advance not to disturb guests with interview type questions.

-Equipment-A good video company will offer High Definition (HD) from start to finish. Many companies offer HD, however not all HD is the same. Some videographers shoot in Standard Definition and then burn the footage to Blu-ray. Also, ask them what types of cameras they use explaining the differences. They should be using the best HD cameras with 1080p resolution. Indicate for videographers that are using HD cameras and glidecams, shooting in 24 frames per second (FPS), and who are knowledgeable in cinematic editing techniques.

-Inquire For Referrals-It is a good idea to ask the videographer for a recent list of clients that you can contact.

-Pricing-Discuss pricing with a prospective videographer and see if they can stay within your budget. Interrogate about any additional fees. Also, remember that most deposits are non-refundable so keep that in mind. Ask if they are offering any discounts or special promotions. Many production companies are now offering a gift registry to finance wedding videos. This can be added to overall cost or toward specific items akin as additional hours or extra DVDs.

Finally … … A lot of like your photographer, your videographer is an important element because he/she will be filming your wedding. He will be authoritative for capturing the live action of your exclusive day. Your wedding video is meant to capture all the cherished memories of the day. What a treasure to be shared with family and friends for years to appear!

you’ve probably seen similar discussions to this on other wedding blogs, however today I pined to share with you this preventive tale from a bride who had personal experience of taking the cheaper option and was unhappy with the results. Now, I know spending $3000 on a wedding photographer isn’t possible for everyone, however the point away from this post is not to bully you into plunking down for someone you can’t afford. No, I wanted to share this story with you so that you make your decision with your eyes wide open. I just hunger to be open and honest with you and to let you know that, as along most things in life, you really do get what you pay for … and if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

If wedding photography isn’t that big a deal to you, the great– who am I to tell you that’s perverse? However it breaks my heart when I hear from newlyweds that say ‘I wish we ‘d thought more about our wedding photography. We spent more on the cake/my dress/the flowers and now we have no exceptional photos to always remember our day’.

OK, Over to you Mrs X.

I have grilled for this post to be anonymous so who people reading this don’t think it’s a shameless marketing ploy. I may now be a professional wedding photographer myself, but I didn’t want to write this article to promote myself. No, I really just had a passion for to share this cautionary tale with those of you who might not understand the importance of having great wedding photographs.

It’s been a few years since I got married but when I gather back to it I get a sick feeling. It wasn’t the family argument that happened (don’t get me started on that!), nor was it the fact that we funded it with a loan which we are still atoning off. Nope, the sick feeling is purely centred around my foolishness and the pretty terrible images we now have to look back on for the rest of our lives.

Here I am a few years later, now a ‘pro’ photographer myself (who knew that would happen !!) and I now have a new found understanding of the skills required to shoot a wedding. I find myself wishing I knew then what I know now. You may have read articles from photographers before staying how important it is that your wedding photographer has experience, knows so how to handle lighting and uses the right equipment etc, and while I am here to reiterate these points, I’m not just here to say these things to pimp my own services. I figured this article could be a little cathartic for me and I really hope I can help you think a wee bit more about your decision– whether that be to spend money on your wedding photography, or to go to the extent of the cheaper option of hiring someone through no experience– maybe a friend with a nice camera who has offered to do it for free. Please note that a ‘nice camera’ does not a good wedding photographer make!

We got married in December and I now appreciate that winter weddings, where you spread out of the ceremony to the cold and dark, are bloody a difficult endeavor work and really difficult to photograph. I understand that romantic candle lit receptions might look gorgeous in ‘physical life’ but require a certain level of skill to capture on camera, and upon all I now know that all of the greenback I spent making the venue look beautiful and cosy was pretty much wasted. OK so our guests will always remember how beautiful the venue looked, but for me the day flew by so fast and I don’t remember much of it myself! Almost every peak I mention my wedding my Mum says ‘But it looked so beautiful’ and whilst I’m sure that’s not just her being kind (it’s really not her style) it has made me hate my own wedding because I don’t look encourage at my photos and see a beautiful wedding, I look at them and see horribly dark and blurry photos.

You see, not realizing the truthful impact of what I was doing, I asked my friend to shoot my big day. He had a DSLR and could take amazing pics of cars so he must be able to shoot my winter wedding right? Wrong!

It wasn’t his fault really, I should have learned more, understood a bit about light (or lack of it) and made things easier. But here’s the most severe part, I wasn’t on a $2000 budget, I spent quite a lot more. I prioritised wrongly. I spent more on bridesmaids dresses than I did on my photographer, more on pretty decorations than pretty images … simply put, I was a fool!

Don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone has the budget to pay much for their wedding photographer and this is not an article to make you feel bad. I say use whoever you want– a professional, a friend, whoever … it’s your wedding because of all. But I urge you to do your research first and go in the direction of through to it knowing that the results of the cheap option just won’t be the synonymous as someone with experience shooting weddings.

If you aren’t using a professional then you desire to take some responsibility and help them out a bit, consider it a creative project. Here’s the occurrences I wish I had done …

Took them to the ceremony venue at a date and time with similar light (light is so important, I can’t stress that enough) and took sample images to get the right camera settings.

Showed them the way I intended to light the reception and experienced fun taking practice images with them to get a feel for the correct look.

Checked their kit included at nadir one low light lens (2.8 f or lower … it’s the number that’s marked) and if not budgeted to hire them one for the day

Showed more interest in their work and ensured they had practiced shooting in similar lighting situations– shooting static cars in the middle of the day is nothing like shooting a wedding, with loads going on, when its dark!

Had my wedding earlier in the day … to give them a fighting chance.

Turned the coruscations up a bit for important things like the first dance and the speeches.

Most controversial of all, perhaps I should have held my wedding when the light was better and not in the winter.

Sadly I only realized how important my wedding pictures were likely after the full day. I lay low for months for images that I am now too uncomfortable to show people!

My parting words are these. If you can afford a professional wedding photographer then please please please spend as jam-packed as you can to get the best! These images mark the start of your family album and they can’t be easily redone. If you use a non ‘pro’, be sure to put some work in yourself, show an interest and consider the previous tips. Oh and finally, if your shooter is using a DSLR (and they have enough memory … RAW files average 28MB each) ask them to shoot and provide RAW images as well as JPEG (they can set their camera to do this automatically). RAW files are much easier to correct in Photoshop afterwards if you do have problems with the images, plus you could always pay someone to edit the RAW files in the future when you have the budget for it. Just remember you’re still not thriving until get the same results as with photos that were shot by a skilled professional (you can’t polish a turd after all!) but the images may be able to be improved with some clever edits in Photoshop.

My final piece of advice is this, please be careful when choosing a friend or family member to shoot your wedding. If they do a bad job it could even ruin your relationship. It kind of did ours, and that makes me even more sad.

If my words don’t convince you then have a look at my wedding photos! If you do recognize me … ssssshhhhh Mum’s the term!

It’s actually hard to put in to words how upsetting it is to look at these but mostly because I know it’s a problem of my own causing!

At magic moments video we capture your wedding day like we never have before. With the new advanced technology we have bought wedding videos to a new level , we try to make the wedding video look as natural as possible however there are some scenes that do require a little guidance but we capture those scenes also in a natural way. We try to avoid eye contact with the cameras i believe this will give you a smooth and flowing movie.

we capture your whole day with 3-4 cameras , we use these cameras in the church, walking into the reception , your bridal waltz and speeches
we also have a camera placed on the back of our car to capture the wedding cars whilst they are driving.All these cameras are strategically placed so that when your watching your wedding video you have amazing angles and cut aways to view aswell which gives you a full movie feel about the wedding video.
during the photo shoot we use the cameras as
1/steady cam (this allows us to roam around with the camera for a smooth gliding effect)
2/tracking cam (this allows the camera to slide left and right and give you a movie look)
3/fish eye (this gives you a crazy and wide look )
4/ normal recording.

we also place a lapel mic on the groom in church so that we can cameras are able to pick up a very clear sound during the wedding vows, aswell as a voice recorder that plugs into the bands pa system that allows us to capture the speeches very clear without any background noise.
we offer you many styles of editing which include
1/classical look
2/modern look
3/music clip look
4/contemporary look


We have been creating wedding videos in melbourne for over 25 years now and with wedding videography in melbourne it is essential to keep your clients happy and to then receive referals from your clients and no business can last 25 years if we didnt have a foundation of lots of happy brides

A professional wedding video saves and protects life’s most precious and beautiful moments  as they actually happened. And what is moreover foremost to hold precious than the sights and sounds from the almost important day of your life  your wedding day! Because the event belongs through so quickly, capturing works of the activities  your ceremony and reception on video will mean your wedding will be preserved for you and your family now, and most importantly  for all the generations ahead.

How important is a professionally produced wedding video? Suppose a friend told you they secured throughout one hand a book of professional photos of the day your grandparents were married, and in their other hand a professionally produced video of that same day appearing in packed like sardines color, with stereo sound but that you could only choose one to view and keep as a family heirloom. Which would you choose? Today, gives thanks so new developments in digital technology and the advanced skills of Magic Moments Video with there professional videographers, your choices in professional wedding videography are unlimited!

Only a wedding DVD will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened. They will see you walk down the aisle, hear your voices as you exchange vows and rings, hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception … and the chance to preserve the complete story of your wedding. This wasn’t possible for many of our parents and grandparents.

Today, you have definitive one chance before be possibly set your wedding day is professionally captured  just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love and laughter are preserved for you to share afresh as a consequence reiteratively. Today professional videographers have become as natural as partition of the wedding as the photographer.

When you ache to upload your video online YouTube and Vimeo come first in to your mind. Then a question occurs. Which one is the boss? The answer trusts in on several facts.

You are tired of seeing ads? Are the exactly suitable videos found in a search? Let’s see what gives the inimitable result.

No incertitude that YouTube is the much popular host for online videos all of the above the world. It’s got 800 million visitors each month and 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute. But does that suggest Vimeo can’t bid with YouTube? Absolutely the answer is No. Each of these has unique qualities that you present to consider when uploading your next video masterpiece.


If you want your video that one may be seen by immense number of visitors, you definitely have to choose YouTube. With more than 800 million visitors each month, there is a big chance for you. And of course YouTube is owned by Google, therefore there is no risk of not finding your video in search results. Furthermore YouTube allow us unlimited uploads and to customize player backgrounds as well.

If it’s in respect to business purpose, YouTube allows ads in videos. You can even pay for promoted videos to make sure that your video is highly likely to be definitely seen.


With a mountainous number of videos being uploaded every minute, there may be plenitude of junk in YouTube. It allows any user to upload; therefore it’s extravagant of junk which may be a disturbance to the visitors. That gives minus points because most of the viewers do not like that. Advertising also draws away from the users experience on Youtube.

Another limitation is that YouTube allow users to upload only 15 minutes videos.


Vimeo has an again and again more arranged appearance and is nothing to it to use because everything is organized and easily searchable. Video quality is also higher and there is no heyday limit for uploading videos.

Vimeo suits for a more professional audience as it filters the commercial videos, gaming videos and non-user generated content. The Vimeo community is engaged with much spare supportive work and responses. And in the other hand, Vimeo allow users to upload their own thumbnail image to the video to represent the video and pro-users have opportunity to embed their logo or image directly on the player. It might possibly be a good chance for branding.


Vimeo’s popularity kept the ball rolling to grow just about every single day, with around 60 million unique visitors in each month, but that’s not enough for challenge YouTube that’s in the interest of sure. It might be a satisfactory point to go with YouTube. Another disadvantage is Vimeo does not allow free users to upload besides than one HD video per weekend and also does not offer fast upload speeds.

So, what do you think? You just acquire to relax and think an embryonic instant on that one is the greatest for my necessity and goals.

September is that the begin of spring. The flowers are blooming, the bees are droning, and every one across Australia couples World Health Organization have waited since the start of the year to own their wedding are currently ramping up their preparations! If you and your partner are among those couples, these days we provide some September-specific recommendation for your preparations.

What’s Happening?

In Gregorian calendar month, the majority ar rising from their winter hibernation – commencing to play sport, socialise, and luxuriate in the globe all over again. there’s usually a collection of faculty holidays in Gregorian calendar month, and it will be value making an attempt to time your wedding around those vacations if you wish to wed in an exceedingly fashionable holiday venue (such because the beach or fashionable parklands).


The average daily high for state capital is twenty, and average daily low is nine. Spring is infamous for being windy and unpredictable, thus though it’s tempting to relish an outside wedding when winter, you may want a backup set up. Your wedding videographer can’t get the camera wet, and running war paint isn’t a decent look on a marriage video!

Food and Flowers

September is flowering plant season, and there’s many alternative for your bouquets! Across Australia there ar flower festivals happening, and you’ll most likely get some concepts for arrangements if you’re specific concerning fine details. choose in-season blooms like:

Apple blossom
Calla Lily
Cherry blossom
Sweet pea

And there are some delicious foods returning into season to include into your menu, such as:

Raspberries and strawberries

Dates to Avoid

Grand Final Day this day for some people is bigger than any other day on the calendar, and if you don’t wish to risk disconcerting several of your guests, it’s going to be best to set up a distinct day for your wedding!

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