Asian wedding Videography
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Asian wedding Videography
We specialise in may different cultural weddings however i must admit one of my favourite cultures would have to be the asian culture.
i love the traditions starting from early in the morning with there tea ceremonies, and depending on which part of asia they come from i love watching when the groom arrives at the brides house and the door wont open for him unless he does what the guests at the brides house house tell him what to do , for example sing a song or read a poem etc.
Also the hospitality that i receive at asian weddings is very unique , they wont take no for an answer when it comes to food , you have to eat something, admitingly i cant say no.
The photo shoot is also very unique with asian wedings they tend to like a fairytale style wedding video mixed with a natural look aswell as a romantic look (but not too much kissing) lots of slow motion aswell as creative camera work, they are very particular with high quality wedding video so i know when i finish my editing they will appreciate the work that i have put in and give to them.

I also have noticed that they have changed there ways at the reception centre over the years , i remember over 20 years ago there was hardly any dancing and they were very shy infront of the camera however now they love dancing and especially lately they love the camera hence my job is easiar as i enjoy taping them aswell.
I can never get enough of taping asian weddings even with the long hours i put in ,usually a minimum of 16 hours .

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